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Lice (plural: lice) are wingless insects from the order Phthiraptera, of which there are approximately 5,000 species. Lice are obligate, warm-blooded parasites that can live on all kinds of birds and mammals, except for single burrows, pangolins, bats and cetaceans. Lice are carriers of diseases such as typhus


Chewing lice live among the hairs or hairs of their hosts and feed on skin and other wastes; sucking lice, on the other hand, pierce the skin of their hosts and feed on their blood and other secretions. They usually spend their entire lives on a single host and attach lice eggs, also known as nits, to hairs or feathers. The nymphs inside the eggs molt three times before they become fully grown, and this whole process takes approximately four weeks.


There are three types of lice that can lodge on humans. These are head lice, body lice and pubic lice. Body lice have the smallest genome of any known insect. For this reason, the medel has been used frequently and has been extensively researched.


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