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What is an insecticide?

Insecticides are chemical compounds used to control harmful insects and pests. These substances often inhibit the growth, feeding or reproduction of insects or cause their direct death. Insecticides are used in a variety of fields such as agriculture, home and garden use, and public health practices. There are several types of insecticides and they are generally classified according to the target insect species, method of application or chemical nature of the active ingredient. For example, some insecticides are broad-spectrum and effective against a wide variety of insect species, while others are more specific to a particular insect species.

What is a Broad Spectrum insecticide?

A broad spectrum insecticide is a type of insecticide that is effective against many different types of insects. This means that the insecticide can be used against a variety of pests. Broad-spectrum insecticides are often used in homes, gardens or agricultural fields to control a number of different types of insects.

What is a Water Based Insecticide?

A water-based pesticide uses water to disperse its active ingredient.

Water-based formulations are generally less toxic and less harmful to the environment because they avoid the negative effects of organic solvents. Water-based pesticides usually come in spray form and are used to combat harmful pests in homes, workplaces, gardens and agricultural areas. Such a formulation is generally odorless, non-staining and safe to use.

Water-based pesticides also generally have a lower risk of burns than solvent-based formulations, making them safer to use. However, it should be noted that the label directions of any pesticide must be followed.

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Are your products guaranteed?

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